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What an amazing start to the season!

19th September 2019

Our 2019/20 season got off to a flying start with two incredible concerts featuring two of the UK’s brightest classical music stars.

On September 9th ISATA KANNEH-MASON made her Worthing debut playing Clara Schumann’s Piano Concerto.  It was wonderful to see such a large and enthusiastic audience for this opening concert. It augers well for a season that promises to make many special memories for both audience and orchestra alike.


The audience were totally captivated by the Concerto so dazzlingly played by Isata. 

Music Director JOHN GIBBONS was also greatly impressed by this remarkable young musician: “I found her performance of the work in a different league from previous accounts of the concerto that I have heard, and marks Isata out, in my opinion as a special musical talent."


The audience were also in for a special treat when a late item was added to the programme. Isata gave the most sublime rendition of Chopin’s Andate spianato & Grande polonaise. The feedback from some audience members is that they were 'brought to tears' by the sheer beauty of her playing.  As the great poet John Dryden (1631-1700) wrote:


“What passion cannot music raise and quell?”  


What passion indeed!


In the interval isata signed copies of her debut CD ‘Romance – The Piano Music of Clara Schumann' – and sold out!  The album, released on Decca Classics went straight to the top of the classical music charts when it was released in July. Copies can be purchased here  


On the evening of Tuesday 17th September, NICOLA BENEDETTI returned to Worthing to play the Sibelius Violin Concerto to a packed hall. Accompanied by a 59-piece orchestra, Nicola brought ecstatic applause  with her superlative playing.  


Nicola is an enthusiastic advocate for music education through the Benedetti Foundation and earlier this year she launched ‘With Nicky’ – an online series of educational videos that provide information, guidance, and support for young musicians throughout their musical and personal development. The content of these videos will become an integral part of the work of the Benedetti Foundation, and will also provide useful information for teachers looking to support their work with new ideas. 'With Nicky' will eventually cover a broad range of questions and themes,  Further information here

We know of at least one young fan who loved Nicola’s Worthing performance.  As her mum writes on twitter:  



Thank you so much for an amazing concert.  My 10 year old daughter and I were transfixed! (Nearly front row seats helped!).

Nicola Bendetti_(c) Andy   Gotts.jpg

Photo: Andy Gotts

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