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The professional orchestra of 
West Sussex



Sunday 2nd January 2022 at 2.45pm

Joseph Lanner                         Neu Jahrs Galopp                               
Johann Strauss II                     Waltz - Wine, Women and Song          

Johann Strauss II                     Tritsch Tratsch Polka

Franz Lehar                              Waltz – Gold and Silver            
Johann Strauss II                     Perpetuum Mobile         
Johann Strauss II                     Waltz - An Artist’s Life

Franz von Suppé                      Overture Isabella

Johann Strauss II                     Waltz – Vienna Blood                         
Anton Bruckner                        Pilsner Tanz
Jaromír Weinberger                 Polka Schwander the Bagpiper
Johann Strauss II                     Thunder & Lightening Polka               
Johann Strauss II                     Waltz - The Blue Danube       
Johann Strauss                        Radetzky March

Waltzes, Marches and Polkas galore!


The ever popular Viennese New Year concert returns. 


A concert to set the feet tapping, the hands clapping with its joyous dance music, dispelling all thoughts of winter’s cold. 


The immortal classics such as the Blue Danube Waltz,  the Radetsky March, Lehar’s Gold and Silver Waltz and the Thunder and Lightning Polka contrast with less familiar items that bristle over with energy and life: Lanner’s New Year Galop, Weinberger’s chirpy Schwander the Bagpiper, Strauss’s many takes on Viennese society and a cheeky nod to one of Vienna’s finest symphonists, Anton Bruckner.     


The back half of the stalls, in the new seating plan, allows some spacing with only alternate rows available for sale. The Balcony and the front stalls are fully available.

Image by Jeremy Bezanger


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